Our aspiration is to offer you a home that is a privileged habitat, a source of well-being, comfort and " solace " and this, in harmony with the place, the place, the landscape and the environment that has knew how to charm you.


The benefits of a healthy lifestyle go far beyond the silhouette and prevention of many diseases. Indeed, we can quickly feel the benefits in various facets of everyday life.

When you improve your lifestyle (having a better diet, exercising regularly and having time to relax), you get results faster than you expected. Make the choice to stay in a healthy home, with superior air quality, controlled insulation, rooms well thought out for the family.

Remember this fundamental truth: healthy living is not just a program that can be followed or interrupted at your leisure. Health depends on the life we ​​lead, all times. And a healthy life is not boring. It is having a good sleep, getting up in a good mood, eating fresh food, feeling good about one's work, taking regular breaks, laughing with friends and family, having a positive attitude, enjoying nature and getting respect. Not only from time to time but everyday.

These are often small things that end up giving results: go for a walk instead of putting yourself in front of the television and bursting out laughing instead of giving in to anger.

In the end, living to stay healthy means living simply by leading a healthy and enjoyable life. It's also the choice to live in a house Éco-modulaire des Sources!

Habiter une maison bioclimatique

Réduisez votre empreinte écologique et composez avec le terrain, le relief, le point de vue et l’exposition au vent.

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Vivre en nature

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