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A home with net zero energy performance is so energy efficient that it only uses energy that it can produce from renewable energies on-site.


Net Zero: a concept that makes fans

The calculation is simple and attractive
The house produces as much heating and renewable electricity as it consumes. Its annual energy balance is neutral, its greenhouse gas emissions are 100% offset. In Canada, she is promoted by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) under the name Equilibrium House.

The energy zero principle
(that is producing as much, even more than what is consumed) allows all kinds of renewable energy, for example, solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, geothermal energy, wood pellet heating and wind turbines.

A good way to build a real Net Zero House is to incorporate LEED® bioclimatic principles before adding renewable energy sources.

nette zero

  • Effective insulation of the building remains one of the key points for controlled energy consumption. Hence the importance of a LEED® construction

  • Infiltrometry is the technique used to measure and search for air infiltration in a building. This stray air can enter through window frames and doors, through cracks or any other interstices undetectable to the naked eye

  • The blower door tests show that a standard house loses a lot of energy through doors, windows and various holes in its envelope

  • Bioclimatic home gives significant importance to installing a waterproof continuous envelope around its structure

  • Sealing tapes and specialized membranes are used to increase the performance to twice the standard houses

  • The doors and windows with triple glazing, built with frames and components specially designed to reduce thermal bridges.

Habiter une maison bioclimatique

Réduisez votre empreinte écologique et composez avec le terrain, le relief, le point de vue et l’exposition au vent.

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