Everything you need to know for your energy house project


To establish the plan of your house, we must take into account several parameters essential to the valuation of its future heritage:

1. The implementation
The location of your future home must take into account:

  • The natural slope of the land • The nature of the soil
  • Existing vegetation
  • Possible access
  • Futures extensions
  • The proximity of existing connection networks (water and electricity).

2. Orientation
The orientation of your house is paramount in the construction plan, because it has a significant impact on the future energy consumption of your home. Optimize the orientation of your home in a way that allows you to reduce your energy bill by making the best use of natural light and solar heat.

3. The surface
The surface of the house must be determined taking account your current needs, but also future as well as your lifestyle.

4. The architecture
Compact architecture, with simple shapes, minimizing external surfaces, is much less energy consuming for your home.

5. The volume
The volume of the pieces is defined according to the surface and the height. High ceilings bring volume but increase the volume to heat. We are builds its houses by worrying about their energy label.

6. The openings
The openings of your individual house should not be neglected, because of their good orientations will depend the light and thermal losses. Énergéco designs high-performance homes, in compliance with energy standards and the environment.

7. The disposition
The layout of the interior space depends on your lifestyle. The interior plan of your home must combine both comfort and functionality. We must also think of the amenities. If it possible try to create continuity between your home and its surroundings, by incorporating elements inspired from the outside inside your home. This will create a smooth transition between the outside environment and the personal space. Use of colors and similar materials both outdoors and indoors, ensure that homeowners and visitors will feel even more the sense of hospitality that only an Énergéco home can arouse.

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