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It is an indisputable fact.  Electricity generation using solar panels is experiencing exceptional growth worldwide. Quebec is not immune to this trend:  the number of companies promoting it continues to grow.

Photovoltaic solar energy

Photovoltaic solar energy is the sunlight recovered and transformed directly into electricity by means of solar panels.

Solar energy production being intermittent, the self-producer must use storage devices or be connected to the Hydro-Québec grid, benefiting from the net measurement option to be supplied with electricity on a continuous basis.

energie solaire

Solar potential in Quebec
In terms of equivalent hours of sunshine, the solar potential in southern Quebec is interesting compared to other regions of the world. However, the accumulation of snow affects the real performance of photovoltaic solar panels in Quebec. In southern Quebec, every kilowatt of installed power can produce up to 1,200 kWh per year. As a result, solar panels totaling 4 kW can produce up to 4,800 kWh per year.

The Éco-modulaire des Sources house and the concept of bioclimatization
Our architects must integrate all the concepts related to energy saving and bioclimatic mode. The modern house is in keeping with the climate and the environment. It is thought and designed to save energy. For that, it must take advantage of the resources of the external environment to reduce its energy consumption. Solar gains for insulation warm up in winter and the natural ventilation refreshes it during the summer. This is also due to the use of efficient materials, so renewable energies. Another feature of the modern contemporary house is at the roof level. Most often flat, the roof of the modern house is one of the essential elements that constitute this architectural style. The flat roof accentuates the sleek and cubic side of the house. The latter will not need to be cleared during the winter season. Indeed, Éco-modulaire des Sources designs its flat roofs with a load capacity that surpasses the norms. By the way, ironically the snow accumulated during the winter will act as an additional insulator. In addition, if you wish, the layout of the roof terrace is possible, or according to your tastes, it can also be used as a green roof.

You also have the option of adding some optional products that can enhance the quality and the ecological and energy performance of your home. These options include solar panels, geothermal energy, home automation, heat or rainwater recovery systems and gray water recycling. So, your manufactured home can be adapted in many ways to achieve your energy goals.

Habiter une maison bioclimatique

Réduisez votre empreinte écologique et composez avec le terrain, le relief, le point de vue et l’exposition au vent.

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